Buy the best Military Motorcycle Reflective Vest

Motorcycle riding is fun for most of the time but it can be fatal if you are not wearing the proper gear. Safety comes first and this rule also applies in motorcycle riding. Wearing a high visibility protective military motorcycle reflective vestis very important and critical during poor light conditions. In most of the accidents the motorcyclist is not at fault and they got hit by another motor vehicle because they couldn’t see the motorcyclist. Reflective vest not only help the motorcyclist by improving his visibility but also the back armor protection that comes with the vest provides a good protection to the rider in case of an accident. ANS (American National Standard) for high visibility vest are;

Military Motorcycle Reflective Vest

Military Motorcycle Reflective Vest

  1. The material used in the back ground should be florescent for excellent visibility during any light conditions. The three color options are florescent yellow/green, florescent orange and florescent red. The most famous color is florescent red is the military motorcycle reflective vest.
  2. The vest should contain a reflective material that reflects the light back in the same direction it is coming. This feature helps the rider become visible and motorist can identify the motorcyclist easily. The reflective material helps the rider become visible at least from 300 feet.
  3. The florescent material should cover at least 217 square inches and the reflective material should cover 155 square inches. The reflective tapes should be horizontal and two inches apart from each other.
  4. Back protection is not part of ANS requirement but we think that it should be part of all the military motorcycle reflective vests.

The military motorcycle reflective vest should meet all the above requirements. An ideal vest should be suitable for all weather conditions and the material and fabric should be very comfortable to wear. Back armor protection is a must if a rider doesn’t wear any other protection gear.